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Widmerpool offers a wide range of services.

We would be happy to take care of your personal concerns.

Pool construction

additional offers

Commissioning & wintering

Maintenance and service



We build

- Garden and indoor swimming pools
- Container pools

- Jacuzzis
- Swimming pool covers
- Handrails and entry ladders
- Heat pumps

Commissioning & wintering

On & Off

- Frost-proof shutdowns including cleaning of all filters

- Installation of winter covers and ice pressure pads

- Commissioning of the swimming pool technology

- Control and adjustment of the water treatment

- Control of the attractions (UWS, GSA etc.)

Inbetriebnahme und Einwintern

Maintenance and service

We take care of

- Control of water treatment 
- Repairs of various water treatment systems
- Support of all dosing systems such as Ospa, Bayrol, Midas, Aseko, AS, etc.

- Cleaning the filters and the basin
- Headlight repairs
- Control and maintenance during absences
- Replacement of the filter medium (sand, gravel or glass)
- Various repairs (PVC or PE) 

- Swimming pool care products & Pool accessories

Unterhalt und Service
Weitere Angebote

additional offers

We also offer

- Swimming pool accessories (landing net, lamps, pool robots etc.)
- Cleaning and care products
- Joint repairs (after inspection)
- gardening work (hedges, trees and lawn)
- Service subscription
- On request: lifeguard for pool parties (with license)

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