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who are we

Surprise your customers or friends with something very special.

The eye-catcher for every event.  Connect electricity, fill with water and off you go.

Rent a Pool
Rivella Hangout Challenge

Pool details:

Grösse 7.0*2.43*1.70m       
Water depth 1.50m
Plexiglas front glazing 6m 
Strongest counter-current system on the market 1'000 m3/h
Underwater spotlight RGB 
Fully automatic water treatment with remote monitoring
Air to water heat pump 9.5kw COP 14
Junction box 400V 32A
Weight empty: 3.5 tons / full 25 tons

Call us 

We offer you the Possibility to rent this unique container pool. He is an eye-catcher and has everything for a successful event. We can also customize it with your logo. 


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